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Quantum Science and Engineering Education Conference (QSEEC)

For the webpage of the Quantum Science and Engineering Education Conference (QSEEC), co-located with the IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing & Engineering (QCE22), please visit

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The quantum education interest group has an ongoing WebEx workshop (telecon) on the 4th or last Wednesday of every month from 10 AM to noon Eastern time. Send an email to Terence Martinez to get an invitation and to be included in the mailing list.

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At What Levels is Quantum Education Available?

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), typically for high school
  • Undergraduate, or bachelor’s level
  • Graduate, master and doctor’s (Ph. D.) degrees
  • Workforce training for adults that already have a job.

What are the Majors Where Quantum Education Applies?

  • Physics, specifically Quantum Physics and Quantum Information
  • Hardware engineering, such as device physics, cryogenics, system design
  • Software, including both software for quantum computers and support software for regular computers
  • Mathematics, including algorithms and complexity theory
  • Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Data Science 

In support of the topics above, vendors and other entities provide learning tools, such as:

  • Books, games
  • Quantum simulators, for teaching how to program quantum computers
  • Real quantum computers available on the Internet
  • Software tools, such as compliers, frameworks

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