At What Levels is Quantum Education Available?

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), typically for high school
  • Undergraduate, or bachelor’s level
  • Graduate, master and doctor’s (Ph. D.) degrees
  • Workforce training for adults that already have a job.

What are the Majors Where Quantum Education Applies?

  • Physics, specifically Quantum Physics and Quantum Information
  • Hardware engineering, such as device physics, cryogenics, system design
  • Software, including both software for quantum computers and support software for regular computers
  • Mathematics, including algorithms and complexity theory
  • Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Data Science 

In support of the topics above, vendors and other entities provide learning tools, such as:

  • Books, games
  • Quantum simulators, for teaching how to program quantum computers
  • Real quantum computers available on the Internet
  • Software tools, such as compliers, frameworks

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