Quantum Masters

Looking for a Master Degree in Quantum Technology? The Quantum Masters site is designed for individuals who are considering a career within the field of Quantum Information Science (broadly defined as applied quantum science, namely, quantum computing, quantum engineering, quantum simulations, quantum sensing, quantum networking & security, et cetera.)

Graduate Quantum Education Program by the University of New Mexico

The University of New Mexico is developing an interdisciplinary approach to quantum education. WordPress video with the .mp4 Quantum Optics — A general course in quantum information science Physics 566, Quantum Optics I, Fall 2019 (Deutsch – videos, lecture notes, homework)http://physics.unm.edu/Courses/Deutsch/Phys566F19/ Physics 581, Quantum Optics II, Spring 2018 (Deutsch – videos, lecture notes, homework)http://info.phys.unm.edu/~ideutsch/Classes/Phys581S18/index.htm