Discussion on how to support high school teachers interested in teaching and mentoring students in quantum science

This is a one-time meeting scheduled for April 10, 2021.

Invitation and Logistics

This Zoom meeting will be open to anybody who can contribute or participate. Time is: April 10, 2021
7 AM PST (GMT-7)
10 AM EST (GMT-4)
3 PM London (GMT+1)
7:30 PM IST (GMT+5.5)
11 PM Tokyo (GMT+9).
Request an invitation from t.c.martinez@ieee.org or erikdebenedictis@gmail.com. The meeting is scheduled for 2 hours.

The summary report of the first discussion this one is the sequel to is publicly available at https://ed.quantum.ieee.org/teaching-high-school-discussion-report/

10:00 AM EST Schedule Begins

10:05 AM EST (5 min) Agenda

Agenda/roadmap for this discussion presented by organizers. Two main goals:

  1. Output a summary report on more specific recommendations for high school level quantum education
  2. Initiate open discussion carrying on into actionable items developing workshops and networking for high school teachers, and increased pathways for high school students, to learn about quantum information science


10:10 AM EST (5 min) Towards quantum education standards

A recurring point from the February 10 discussion was that quantum information science education standards (e.g. Next Generation Science Standards and state/national science standards) are crucial to supporting teachers via clearly defined curricular goals, and sequential modules designed with those goals in mind. Comments are invited on what work to this end, at this and future discussions, is both useful and achievable.


Plenary teasers of breakout rooms

10:15 AM EST (5 min) Subgroup E overview
Preparing teachers for a quantum tomorrow
Moderator: Mark Newburn, Nevada State Board of Education

10:20 AM EST (5 min) Subgroup F overview
Developing pathways to learn QIS from the ground up
Moderator: Emily Edwards, Managing Director of IQUIST at UIUC and a PI on Q2Work and the Quantum Atlas

10:25 AM EST (5 min) Subgroup G overview
Interconnecting communities for learning and teaching QIS
Moderator: Sarah Kaiser, Member of Technical Staff and Quantum Community Lead at the Unitary Fund

10:30 AM EST (5 min) Subgroup H overview
QIS activities during the summer of 2021
Moderator: Sarah Goodman, Instructor and Curriculum Developer at Qubit by Qubit

Breakout discussions begin

10:35 AM EST (5 mins) Convene into chosen subgroup rooms

10:40 AM EST (45 mins) Discussions in parallel breakout rooms led by moderators


Reconvene for plenary outbriefs

11:25 AM EST (5 min) Subgroup E outbrief

11:30 AM EST (5 min) Subgroup F outbrief

11:35 AM EST (5 min) Subgroup G outbrief

11:40 AM EST (5 min) Subgroup H outbrief


Wrap up

11:45 AM EST (15 min) Go over the discussed QIS education recommendations together

12:00 PM EST WebEx reservation ends