July 2020 Workshop

Invitation and Logistics

This WebEx meeting will open to anybody who can contribute or participate. Time is: July 29, 2020
7 AM PDT (UTC-6)
10 AM EDT (UTC-4)
3 PM London (GMT+1)
11 PM Tokyo (GMT+9).
Request an invitation from t.c.martinez@ieee.org or erikdebenedictis@gmail.com. The meeting is scheduled for 1.5 to 2 hours.

10:00 AM EDT Business Meeting

General business. Discussion of “IEEE topic 365.” OK to record? Proposal to have this on a monthly/semimonthly basis. Have had discussion with APS.

Introduction Yolanda Lozano (Yolanda offers to participate as the president of the Computer Science Teacher Association in NM, as part of the Computer Science Alliance, and as a teacher in a classroom teaching CS and creating curriculum.) 3:42-5:08

10:15 AM EDT Terrill Frantz & Tom Plunkett (Harrisburg University) (20 mins)

Useful findings and tactical tips for teaching the grassroots community, university students, as well as the 12-16 year-olds.  The Quantum Computing Academy running right now and providing a pile of data that should be and will be shared to the broader set of quantum education providers. Also, for this community, it also may be time for me to begin socializing the multi-dimensional “Quantum Swashbuckle” that is presently advancing from the early conception phase, and should  begin to be rolled out September-ish. 5:23-32:55

10:35 AM EDT Joanna Ptasinski NIWC PAC (20 mins)

Quantum education efforts for NIWC PAC. 32:55-54:55

10:55 AM EDT Araceli Venegas-Gomez, Qureca (10 mins)

Supporting the quantum workforce and an overview on education initiatives in Europe. 1:00:02-1:16:34

11:05 AM Brian La Cour UTexas (25 mins)

Work in quantum STEM education at UT Austin. 1:17:19-1:53:50

10:30 AM Erik DeBenedictis (0 mins)

Closing discussino. 1:53:50-1:54:10

11:30 AM EDT End of Program

12:00 PM EDT WebEx reservation ends