March 2021 Workshop

The workshops are the last Wednesday of the month. The next workshop will be April 28, 2021.

Invitation and Logistics

This WebEx meeting will open to anybody who can contribute or participate. Time is: March 31, 2021
7 AM PDT (UTC-7)
10 AM EDT (UTC-4)
3 PM London (UTC+1)
11 PM Tokyo (UTC+9).
Request an invitation from or The meeting is scheduled for 1.5 to 2 hours.

10:00 AM EDT Business Meeting

This will be a ~15 minute session including introductions by new members to the community and discussion of events of interest.

Note: These meetings are scheduled for 2 hours and have so far had enough content to fill 2 hours even if some of that content is added at the last minute. If you something to say, contact the organizer.

10:15 AM EDT Update on APS Activities by Claudia Fracchiolla (15 mins)

Overview of APS activities in QIS.

10:30 AM EDT Review of February 10 discussion report and preview of April 10 follow-up discussion by Lia Yeh (10 mins)

The summary report of the Feb 10 discussion, on how to support high school teachers interested in teaching and mentoring students in quantum science, is publicly available at A 5-minute talk is intended to summarize the report and share about the process behind it, followed by surveying any insights to inform the April 10 discussion.

10:40 AM EDT K12 Education of Quantum Computation in Taiwan by Professor Chao-Ming Fu, Physics Department, National Taiwan University (25 mins)

I shall briefly describe the activities of K12 Education of Quantum Computation in Taiwan, in the past two years. (1) The training program for Quantum computing directed to high school Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science teachers. (2) The summer school on Quantum computing for students and a Quantum Hackathon hosted by IBM Q-Hub at NTU, etc. (3) Editing a Chinese-language textbook on Quantum computing for K12 children and Quantum comic books for middle schools and the public.

Note: Chao-Ming is interested in discussion and feedback.

11:05 AM EDT Unscheduled time

There is unscheduled time. If you would like to make a presentation, please email a title, your name, and a few sentences of abstract to or any program committee member. We have a program committee to screen a. k. a. peer review presentation requests.

12:00 PM EDT WebEx reservation ends