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  • QEP Workshop | Quantum Internet Thursday, February 25?1:00 – 2:30am Location: Online Via Zoom Description:Venue: Online Via Zoom Title: Quantum Internet Abstract: At this workshop, we will discuss the opportunities for Singapore to develop a quantum internet. The scope includes technology, protocols and standards for networks carrying quantum signals between quantum processors, beyond point-to-point communication. Confirmed speakers so far: Quantum Internet on Thursday 25 February, 2.00-3.30pm (online) Registration: Programme: 2.00pm – Welcome and QEP introduction by Alexander Ling, Director, QEP 2.10pm – Michael Kasper, Fraunhofer Singapore 2.15pm – Speakers from commercial operators (tbc) 2.35pm – Joe Fitzsimons, Horizon Quantum […]
  • Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students (QCSYS)Export this event to calendar TUESDAY, AUGUST 3, 2021 (ALL DAY) TO FRIDAY, AUGUST 13, 2021 (ALL DAY) Discover how mathematics, physics, computer science, engineering, and more combine into one of the most exciting topics in modern science – quantum information – at the Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students (QCSYS). QCSYS is a unique enrichment program for high school students that will run this August. QCSYS will be a free, online program that offers a blend of expert lectures, small group discussions, problem solving, and opportunities for mentoring and networking with world-leading quantum […]
  • we want you to know how easy it is to implement quantum software in your company with QuantumPath. For this reason, from aQuantum (by Alhambra) we invite you to the cycle of free webinars "QPath: The Democratization of Quantum Computing" in which we will show you: How QPath works and why is an accelerator for the adoption of the quantum software stack. How to face this challenge with a very feasible and pragmatic approach. How to integrate classical and quantum software with this platform.
  • The Virtual Bristol Quantum Information Technologies Workshop will return 26-28 April 2021 with a new programme of speakers bringing you everything you need to know about the emerging field of Quantum Technology. Register now for Virtual BQIT:21. Registration closes 19th April 2021. Submit your abstract for our poster session. Deadline is 29th March 2021. BQIT is a three day annual workshop aimed at enabling leading UK and international academics and industrial partners to come together; to explore and discuss future ambitions and challenges in the field of Quantum Information Technologies. Since our conception in 2014 we have had 230 speakers […]
  • Join us for casual conversations with quantum researchers. Alan Jamison, Assistant Professor at IQC and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Waterloo, joins us for our next virtual Fireside Chat. We'll talk about working under a Nobel laureate, teaching online before it was cool, and how to chill a molecule to nearly absolute zero.
  • Presented by Wenjun Hou, Jesuit High School / Portland State University The Knapsack Problem is a prominent problem that is used in resource allocation and cryptography. Wenjun's project presents an oracle and a circuit design that verifies solutions to the decision problem form of the Bounded Knapsack Problem. This oracle can be used by Grover Search to solve the optimization problem form of the Bounded Knapsack Problem. This algorithm leverages the quadratic speed-up offered by Grover Search to achieve a quantum algorithm for the Knapsack Problem that shows improvement with regard to classical algorithms. The quantum circuits were designed using […]
  • April 11-12, 2021 Dear YQI Community, The Yale undergraduate Quantum Computing group in partnership with the Stanford Quantum Computing Association are hosting a virtual 24-hour Quantum Computing hackathon free and open to all on April 11-12! From high school and undergraduate students to industry professionals, participants can look forward to learning from industry mentors and speakers, innovating while solving a diverse set of technical and creative challenges, networking with fellow quantum enthusiasts, and receiving some cool QC Hack swag! A week-long bootcamp will be held from April 5 to 9 to help everyone have a great experience during the hackathon. […]
  • Quantum computers could create new industries because of their unique ability to generate extraordinary power that speeds up certain types of complex calculations of great importance in a way that is simply not possible with today's ordinary computers. They are a more powerful type of computer because they are designed to drastically improve information processing power by taking advantage of special properties of quantum mechanics. This class is designed to introduce quantum computing to non-technical learners who want to have massive quantum fun while learning about this important technology. Register today if you are planning for a career in quantum […]