Discussion on how to support high school teachers interested in teaching and mentoring students in quantum science

The summary report of this discussion is publicly available at https://ed.quantum.ieee.org/teaching-high-school-discussion-report/

This is a one-time meeting scheduled for February 10, 2021.

Invitation and Logistics

This WebEx meeting will open to anybody who can contribute or participate. Time is: February 10, 2021
7 AM PST (UTC-8)
10 AM EST (UTC-5)
3 PM London (GMT)
midnight Tokyo (GMT+9) on Thursday.
Request an invitation from t.c.martinez@ieee.org or erikdebenedictis@gmail.com. The meeting is scheduled for 2 hours.

10:00 AM EST Schedule Begins

10:05 AM EST (5 min) Agenda

Lia Yeh, IEEE Quantum Education program committee member, PhD student at University of Oxford Quantum Group

Praveen J, Undergraduate at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Agenda/roadmap for this discussion. Two main goals:

  1. Output a document in the likeness of 9 Key Concepts for Future QIS Learners, but on recommendations for high school level
  2. Initiate open discussion carrying on into workshops and networking for high school teachers, and increased pathways for high school students, to learn about quantum information science


10:10 AM EST (5 min) IEEE’s platform and role

Erik DeBenedictis, IEEE Quantum Initiative Co-lead

IEEE is an organization with many members, most post-STEM, yet with the ability to contact large numbers of people at once. For example, during the early days of COVID, IEEE conducted virtual meetings with ~1,000 educators at once on how to use technology (e. g. Zoom) for teaching general STEM classes.

The opportunity for this meeting is to create a “message” for in-the-field quantum educators and students based on the results of this meeting and others like it.


Plenary teasers of breakout rooms

10:15 AM EST (5 min) Subgroup A overview
Online opportunities for HS students: courses, communities, events
Rachel Zuckerman, Program Director of Qubit by Qubit

10:20 AM EST (5 min) Subgroup B overview
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Chandralehka Singh, Professor and Director of dB-SERC at University of Pittsburgh

10:25 AM EST (5 min) Subgroup C overview
How to engage science fairs and contact schools
Erik DeBenedictis, IEEE Quantum Initiative Co-lead

10:30 AM EST (5 min) Subgroup D overview
Software: open source, cloud-based quantum computers, hackathons
Brian Ingmanson, Education Community Manager at IBM Qiskit


Breakout discussions begin

10:35 AM EST (10 mins) Convene into chosen subgroup rooms

10:45 AM EST (40 mins) Subgroups A-D assignment joint discussion opportunities; produce a few viewgraphs of a plan


Reconvene for plenary outbriefs

11:25 AM EST (5 min) Subgroup A outbrief

11:30 AM EST (5 min) Subgroup B outbrief

11:35 AM EST (5 min) Subgroup C outbrief

11:40 AM EST (5 min) Subgroup D outbrief


Wrap up

11:45 AM EST (15 min) Everyone discusses: How to run workshops training high school teachers about quantum science?

12:00 PM EST WebEx reservation ends


Recording of the discussion on Identifying the Problem Space at the November 2020 IEEE Quantum Education monthly meeting is at source and alternate source.